10 Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Waking up with puffy eyes can be very frustrating when you have a huge day ahead. Puffy eyes are one of the most well-known beauty issues in which the eyes start to swell up due to various things. Many of the reasons for puffy eyes are so much crying, very much physical tension, recovering from a major surgery, genetics, dermatitis, and also hormonal changes in your body, change in weather, sinus, hangovers, poor diet, and sleeplessness or some type of allergic reaction.

No one wants to get puffy eyes as it can certainly make one look tired and sick. But there is however nothing to bother about since you can very easily care for them with some simple easy natural treatments.

10 Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Here are the best 10 tips on how to eliminate puffy eyes.

1. Cucumber: Chilled cucumber is a great solution to deal with puffy eyes. The enzymes and the astringent properties found in cucumber assists in reducing swelling. Take one cucumber and even cut them into thick slices. Place the slices of cucumber in the fridge for 10 mins. Now place the cold cucumber slices on closed eyes for around 10 mins or until the cucumber turns into warm. Do it again the method several times per day. This method will also assist to eliminate the signs of aging around your eyes and will brighten up your skin texture.

2. Tea Bags: Be it green tea bags or black tea bags, both of them will help relieve puffy and irritated eyes. Green tea bags will assist you to minimize the puffiness around your eyes because it includes anti-irritant elements. Simultaneously it will provide getting rid of soreness and swelling. For dealing with puffy eyes, you must place moist tea bags over your eyes. Because of this, 1st soak the tea bags in warm water for some minutes then remove them and let them cool-down to a warm temp. Simply lie down and place the tea bags over the eyelids and cover them with a smooth cloth. After a while the puffiness around the eyes reduces.

3. Egg Whites: Egg whites have skin tightening characters which can provide relief to puffy eyes along with assist in the elimination of lines and wrinkles. Take 2 eggs in a container after splitting up the yolk from this. Now whip the egg whites appropriately unless you get a stiff consistency. Include some droplets of witch hazel to it which is an all-natural skin-tightening astringent. After that with the assistance of brush or soft cloth, apply this blend under your eyes and also allow it to dry. This method can make the skin layers feel tight and look less puffy.

4. Potato: Just as cucumbers, potatoes are actually effective in eliminating puffy eyes. The starch found in potatoes provides anti-inflammatory properties which can help in the treatment of puffy eyes. Take a medium sized potato, peel it, clean and then dried up yet. Now grate the potato and place them in a clean cloth and tie it up. Now place this cloth over the eyelids for a few minutes. You can repeat the method many times until the swelling around the eyes becomes minimized. This method is also helpful in dealing with headaches.

5. Aloe Vera: The anti-oxidant and also the vitamin E present in Aloevera is most effective in minimizing swelling around the eyes. You can use the aloe-vera extracts on the impacted area under the eyes. It will certainly enhance the blood flow and also remove the fluids present around the eyes, thus minimizing puffiness. When applying aloe-vera extra around the eyes you must take care as it must not go inside your eyes. In case you are uncomfortable with the natural extract of aloe-vera, you may use many skin-care items that contain the extracts of aloe-vera.

6. Hot Water and Salt: This is also a simply solution to eliminate puffy eyes. For this remedy take a glass of hot water and put half teaspoon of salt in it and blend it properly. Ensure the water is not very hot. Now soak cotton balls or even wool eye pads in this warm saline water anduse them over your eyelids for few mins. Repeat the process for around half an hour. After a while, your eyes will not have the puffiness.

7. Strawberry: Those having puffy eyes will use strawberries to remove the issue within a few minutes. The alpha-hydroxy found in strawberries will make epidermis look soft and younger. At the same time it can also help reduce under eye swelling and inflammation. To reduce eye swelling, keep strawberries in the fridge for half an hour. Now remove the tops of the cold strawberries, and slice them into thick pieces. Now lay down and place the slices under the eyes for several minutes. As soon as the strawberries are removed, you will observe good enhancements.

8. Water: The simplest way to eliminate puffy eyes is to drink water. You need to try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Whenever the body is very well hydrated, there exists a less chance of water retention which can cause your eyelids as well as other parts of your body to swell. Water will also assist to remove impurities from the water. Along with raising your consumption of water you need to also minimize the volume of salt you consume. Also it is much better not to consume soft drinks, coffees, or even sugary drinks because it can dehydrate.

9. Cold Water: When the reason for the puffy eyes is a sleepless night, then cold water is simply what you really need to deal with it. The cold water can help constrict the blood vessels and reduce puffiness. Wash you deal with several splashes of ice-cold water to eliminate the swelling around your eyes. Repeat the method just a few more times during the day, as often as you need to. Else you can use a small bag full of ice, wrap it in a washcloth, and also place it on the eyes. Repeat as needed until the puffiness is gone.

10. Cold Spoons: Take 5 to 6 metal spoons and put it in your fridge for 5 to 10 mins. Now take out the cold spoon and keep the curved part against your eye for a few minutes until the spoon turns into warm. As the spoon worms, replace it with a cold one from the fridge. This will assist in tightening up the epidermis around your eyes. It will also relax the blood vessels hence giving comfort to the tired eyes. This easy home remedy is amazingly very effective when it comes to dealing with puffy eyes. In case you are uncomfortable using a metal spoon, you may use a bag of frozen peas.

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