8 Easy Makeup Tricks from Experts to Make Your Eyes Pop

1. Faking the Straight Line
“Smudging is key when you’re scared you won’t make a straight line,” says Chang-Babaian. “When using eyeliner, it’s not about creating a straight line with the pencil, but returning and forth with your brush until the line is smooth.”

2. Make Mascara Count
“Make a $5 tube of mascara seem as good as the outcomes from a $25 tube by holding a business card up along the inside edge of your lashes and also sweeping the brush against it with your other hand. In this way your lashes can’t bend out of the way of the brush and you end up covering every lash all the way to the tip. The outcomes will leave you wide-eyed in more methods than one.”

3. Layer Your LinerPerfect Eye Makeup
“If you’re not an expert make-up artist, it can be difficult to line those eyes, but then again liquid liner tends to stay with the longer and smudge-free. What exactly I do is, I line my eyes 1st with a pencil liner simply because it’s better to make that straight line with this. After that I return on the line with the liquid liner. It’s kind of like coloring! The result ? Your eye liner will remain on, smudge-free, and also well-lined.”

4. For Thin Brows
“For individuals with thin brows, use a pencil 1st which is a bit lighter as compared to your all natural color to describe the structure, after that follow with a brow powder which is close to your natural hair color with a thin, strong angle brush. After, use a brow gel or even sealer that will set the powder. My fave is the Model in a Bottle – Long-lasting Eyebrow Sealer. It is usually by far the perfect sealer available and I have tried many.”

5. For Smooth and Catchy Eye Make-up
“For an eye look that’s defined but not too heavy, line your upper lash line with black color eyeliner as well as the bottom lash line with dark brown eyeliner. This is exactly 1 of my greatest make-up artist tricks for beautiful, soft eyes!”

Eyeliner can be your best friend, or even your worst enemy. There are many tips to the trade. So how are you aware if you are performing it right for the best and most flattering look? I have discovered make-up specialist tricks from all over the net to find that look you are searching for. Or simply a few tips you may have not thought of for your best look.

6. On the Inside
“Lining the waterline, or even inner rim of the eye, provides intensity and added meaning, and makes the impression of a larger, stronger lash line.”

7. To Open Your Eyes
” Take a white-colored eye pencil as well as line the inside rim of your lower eyelid. This actually makes eyes pop ! Fun fact: Check out the old black/white pictures of the beautiful women of the ‘30s and ‘40s like Marlene Dietrich and you’ll notice this was done to them. In addition, if your eyes are a close set, use the white pencil to lightly line the part where the upper and lower lids mesh together, nearest to the nose. That makes them appear wider aside. The key here is to ensure it’s subtle.”

8. Larger Eyes
“If you fully cover both the top and bottom lash lines with liner, you’re going to close the eye, which makes it look small. To make it look bigger, you only want to put it on both halfway on top and bottom.”

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