8 Helpful Beauty Tips Of Sensitive Eyes

Having sensitive eyes can sometimes limit our use of any skin care products, so I have found some helpful beauty tips for sensitive eyes ! Usually we think of mascara as the primary culprit behind our irritated eyes but there are more products which can equally bother sensitive eyes.  If you’re searching for some simple make-up, skincare and also beauty tips for sensitive eyes, continue reading below!

Beautiful Eyes

1. Check Out Long-Wearing
Whenever you’re searching for eye make-up for sensitive eyes, search for formulas which are water-resistant or even smudge-proof formulas over water-proof types. Water-resistant formulas are stubborn and a large pain to remove, so all of that excess rubbing can irritate eyes. If you usually don’t need a long-wearing formula, search for hypo-allergenic eye make-up or even brands just like Jane Iredale with natural active ingredients that won’t bother sensitive eyes.

2. Take Care of Tools
It is easy to irritate sensitive eyes with beauty tools which are dirty or products which have been contaminated. It’s best to use makeup for sensitive eyes but don’t forget to keep applicators clean up and keep products tightly closed or covered to stay away from contamination and infection. Sensitive eyes are prone to bacterial infections so let’s do our part to keep them healthy!

3. Go Oil-Free
So we have discussed make-up for very sensitive eyes, but what about when you want to remove it all? NYMag beauty editor Christina Han recommends using oil-free eye make-up remover to stay away from getting oil and extra eye make-up in eyes or hang on to lashes from eye make-up removers containing oil. She suggests Almay’s Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover pads or Klorane’s Soothing Eye Makeup Remover.

4. Hands OFF
Let’s not limit these kinds of beauty tricks to just tip about make-up for sensitive eyes. Many people also have sensitive skin around our eyes that need our attention and care too! Experts recommend using eye creams and treatments regarding the 1 hour before sleep to stay away from waking up with irritated or inflated eyes. Also, stay away from touching the area many times and remember, don’t stretch or pull on your skin!

5. Know Where To Get The Line
If you are using eyeliner, optometrist Susan Resnick suggests against using eyeliner directly on the lash line or water line. Stay away from using a liner on your lash line to prevent blocking meibomian glands which produce oils which are imperative to healthy eyes. Blockage of these glands can result in dry eyes and styes. If you want to line your bottom eye area, she recommends lining underneath the lash line to avoid irritation.

7. Drop It Like It’s Hot
If you are using eye drops for dry eyes, 1 of the helpful beauty trick to follow is to apply your eye drops, after that wait at least 30 minutes before wearing make-up. The point is to moisten up your eyes whenever possible before you apply make-up to avoid irritating your eyes. Also, steer clear of drop that minimize redness because they can actually make dry eyes feel worse!

8. Forget Fibers
Usually, beauty tricks for sensitive eyes will discourage the usage of fiber mascaras. Fiber mascaras use fibers to extend lashes, that can fall into your eyes and irritate them. If you’re determined to have longer lashes, consider changing over to lengthening mascaras (without fibers) or even try Volumizing mascaras. Both formulation highlight lashes as well as really assist lashes stand out!

9. Cream Is a Queen
Beauty tips for sensitive eyes normally include using certain kinds of eye makeup. Powder eye shadows are simple to use and likely the most favored kind of eye shadow but for sensitive eyes, cream is queen! Rather than dusty powder eye make-up that can fall into eyes, use cream shadows. Cream shadows are long-lasting, easy to mix and appear just as good as other formulas!

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