Latisse Review: Worth it?

You have probably heard about Latisse, the eyelash grower that’s been available on the market since the FDA approved it in December 2008. How do you use it? Is it safe for the eyes? And does it really work as an eyelash lengthener?

Here exactly what I have discovered throughout my research.

Latisse is a prescription drug that makes thicker, longer eye lashes by keeping hairs in their growth stage. The results of Latisse are not long-term as well as the drug can cause eye or eyelid discoloration.

Active Ingredients:
Like Lumigan, the active ingredient in Latisse is bimataprost, a synthetic prostamide analog. Prostamides are some sort of lipid — a family of fatty molecules. Researchers continue to be trying to know exactly how prostamide pharmacology will work. While the side effects of prostamides on ocular pressure are known, researchers are still discovering the exact features involved.

How Latisse works:
Latisse can make lash growth possible due to its active ingredient: bimatoprost. Even though the exact mechanism of action is not known, LATISSE is regarded to affect the growth (anagen) phase of the eyelash hair cycle in 2 ways: 1st, it enhances the length of this phase, and 2nd, it raises the number of hairs in this growth phase.

Benefits of Latisse:

  • No downtime
  • The product itself is easy and simple to use
  • Eyelash growth within one month with final result at sixteen weeks
  • It gives a lot more permanent way to mascara and fake lashes
  • Few unwanted effects

Possible Side Effects:
In accordance to clinical studies conducted before FDA approval, Latisse eyelash lengthener is safe for many people.

  • However, you may not be a candidate for it, if you have certain eye issues.
  • vision problems, eye pain, seeing halos around lights;
  • Stop using Latisse and contact a family doctor immediately if you have:
  • severe burning or itching of your eyes;
  • severe redness or swelling in or around your eye;
  • increased sensitivity to light.
  • oozing or discharge from your eye;

Latisse may cause a gradual change in the color of your eyes or eyelids. These color changes, generally an increase in brown pigment, occur gradually and you may not see them for months or years. Eye color changes may be long-term even though your entire treatment finishes.

Common Latisse side effects may include:

  • dry or watery eyes;
  • mild eye redness or puffy eyelids.
  • mild eye discomfort;

Here, what you need to know:

some vital factors to remember:
Latisse is not approved for people under the age of 18. Also, it is not recommended for ladies while being pregnant or even women who are breastfeeding.

Since this is a prescription drug, Latisse should not be used by anyone besides the person to whom it was recommended.

If you put on contact lenses, take them outside before using Latisse, and wait 15 mins after using the drug before placing your contact lenses back in your eyes.
Do not reuse the single-use applicator for this drug or infect the container by enabling the container tip to touch any other surface, as this may cause severe eye infection.

If you develop a new eye condition, have a sudden loss in your vision, have eye surgery or develop any eye reactions, immediately contact your Eye M.D. Only an ophthalmologist has the medical training in eye care to assess your specific reactions and conditions.

How should I use Latisse?
Latisse is normally used every night. Follow all directions on your prescription label. Do not use this medicine in larger amounts than suggested. Using more of this medicine will not make it more effective.

Important information about Latisse
Stop using Latisse and call your family doctor immediately if this drug causes serious eye pain, eye irritation or vision changes.

As you can see, there are various methods you can take to get full, long, flirty lashes. Try some out and notice which is most effective for you and your lifestyle. If you have any queries, make sure to speak to your medical skincare expert.

wrap-Up Text:
Hope you must have got and I think the above information is enough to take your decision – whether you should buy it or not!

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If you already are a Latisse customer or have used it (whatever), Iā€™d love to read about your experiences!

Happy Reading & Sharing! šŸ™‚

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