Shocking Photos of Celebrities Without Make-up

Mila Kunis


One of the sexiest women on the planet sure does loose her charm a bit, when wearing no make-up. Still her body look as amazing as always even in these plain clothes.

Sofia Vergara


Beautiful curves of this sexy Latina hardly take our eyes away from how tired her face looks without some foundation and eyeliner. The usual glow from her face can obviously quickly be gone.

Taylor Swift


Taylor looks much younger when she is not all worked up. She is actually quite pretty, and freckles do her a real favour, don’t you think?

Pamela Anderson


We must admit Pamela is one of the older ones on this list, however, make- up still do her a big favour. Without it she is not a sex bomb we are used to.

Pamela Anderson


She is one of the lucky few, who look amazing on the red carpet and on the street, rushing around to do their daily chores. Way to go Anne!

Mila Jovovich


We all remember young Mila, one of the most stunning women ever alive, in her older years make-up helps her a little, however the beauty like this one really do not need any particular help.

Kim Kardashian


Another sexy lady, whose face has some amazing features with or without the make-up, however, Kim likes to experiment and when she does she looks even prettier.

Kelly Clarkson


Oh dear Kelly, she is most certainly one of those to whom we suggest that should use make-up when appearing in public. Well we all cannot be born with perfect face, can we?

Jennifer Lawrence


Her face sure looks much younger and also a bit more rounded when she is not in the hands of make-up artists, however, she is really cute one way or another.

Tyra Banks


One of the word leading supermodels has the face to die for. This photo, however, do not flatter her one bit. Thank God she learned a lot about posing since then.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda is one of the typically beautiful girls, but with some make-up she looks much more glamorous and becomes a real lady.

Ashley Greene


This is a great example how plain can a lack of make-up made us. Ashley always looks gorgeous when on various events or red carpet, in the sportswear, not so much.

Katy Perry


She maybe kissed a girl and she liked it, however, we are not sure that the other girl liked it, especially if Katy was make-up free when the kiss happened.

Olivia Wilde


Her stunning cheekbones sure need some powder to really shine, and her lovely eyes some mascara to be noticed. With make-up Olivia is a different person.



Another hot mess can simply be just a mess when wearing no make-up at all. She looks much younger and fresher with it.


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