Azfasst Eye Cream – Have You Heard About It!

Wait is OVER now, gals!
Reduce eye puffiness, decrease dark circles and smooth out fine lines! The Azfasst Eye Cream is HERE!
Dr. Anne Riordan has done it again, creating a revolutionary new eye cream as the latest addition to the Azfasst facial skin care prduct line. If you have trouble keeping your skin clear, or you are struggling with fine lines, this is for you. AZFASST is a dermatologist formulated 3-step process that reduces skin oil, exfoliates to unclog pores, and revitalizes sun damaged skin.

The Azfasst Eye Cream contains a unique ingredient to improve overall skin health around the eyes.

Key Ingredients:
Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Butylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Isopropyl Myristate, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Glycerin, TEA, Maltodextrin, Carbomer, Espiridin Methylcone, Dipeptide-2, Urea, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyethylcellulose, henoxyethanol, Ethylhexyglycerin.

Dr. Anne Riordan, developer of the Azfasst Eye cream says:
“This eye cream really takes the Azfasst skin care line to the next level. It is a sophisticated formula that we have perfected to really give people the results they are looking for in a nightly eye cream. We think our customers will be very pleased with many of the elements that we took into consideration from the light weight, non-greasy texture down to the easy pump packaging.”


  • Smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreases under eye puffiness
  • Improves appearance of dark circles

Side Effects (based on my sole research)
I found

  • It’s Expensive
  • The official site lacks complete details
  • No free trial.
  • Does not offer money back guarantee

How to apply:
Apply a small amount of Azfasst Eye Cream to the skin around the eyes nightly after cleansing.

Wrap-up Text:
Company is doing great on the product promotion. Recently, Azfasst has completed its 5 Cities in 5 Days Tour where Dr. Riordan introduced the eye cream to morning shows acros the contry including Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio and Charlotte.
Not much to say now, as it is just launched! Just keep your pockets full if you are going to buy this eye cream. 😉

I’d love to read about your experiences!

Happy Buying! 🙂

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Loreal Youth Code Eye Cream: An effective Way For Eye Puffiness

So I am sure you have all tried some kind of Anti aging product, Am I right? You always listen to all of the crazy claims regarding different different products which will turn back the clock and also remove all your fine lines. Well sometimes you need to try it to believe it.

Well keep reading below if you’re wondering what is Loreal Youth Code Eye Cream and how it can help you…

We like companies that recognize that some individuals have the disappointment of getting both under-eye circles and wrinkles. L’Oreal’s Youth Code line made up of GenActive Technology, which is said to increase skin’s all-natural powers of regeneration so that it regains the qualities of young skin – skin appearance rested, smoother and also outhfully shining. A special metal-tip applicator cools as it de-puffs under-eye bags. Light diffusing micro-pearls illuminate dark circles. The eye cream in this line has a metal tip applicator that helps to de-puff under-eye bags, as well as the formula itself has micro-pearls which reduce the look of under-eye circles. We found this eye cream to be good for day. It’s not greasy so that it goes nicely under make-up, and we found after continued use we had less issues with eye make-up settling in lines.

Loreal Youth Code Eye Cream

What it claims?
After 10 years of research, Loraal scientists uncover the code of skin’s youth by finding a particular set of genes which are responsible for skin’s natural power of regeneration. With Loreal’s discovery GenActiv Technology”, this powerful daily moisturizing eye cream can enhance skin’s power of regeneration so it regains the features of young skin. See smoother, youthfully luminous and rested skin emerge in the eye area. The distinct smooth gliding feeling of this cream melts on contact with your skin, leaving a very soft finish. Light-diffusing micro-pearls light up the eye area.


Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Benzoate, Squalane, Stearic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Chlorhexadine Digluconate, Ethylparaben, Iron Oxide, Isohexadecane, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Acrylamide/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer, Polysorbate 80, Acrylate Copolymer, Tocopheryl Acetat, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Silica, Cholesterol, Aluminum Starch, Octenylsuccinate, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Hydroxypalmitoyl Sphinganine, Fagus Sylvatica Extract, PEG-100, Stearate, Panthenol, Polysilicone-8, Peg-20 Stearate, Algae, Mel,Ruscus Aculeatus Extract, Nylon-66, Propylene Glycol, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Glycerin, Cyclohexasiloxane, Palmitic Acid, Cera Alba, Glycine Soja Protein, Titanium Dioxide, Cetyl Alcohol, Water, Caffeine, Adenosine.

What it does:

  • minimizes puffiness
  • Softens fine lines
  • assist diminish dark spots

What Brand Says:
Just like its sister company Lancome, L’Oreal doesn’t have its act all together when it comes to skin-care items. For all their talk of superior formulas, fancy double-page ads in fashion magazines, and impressive-sounding quotes from researchers at their research and growth facilities, most of what L’Oreal provides for skin-care is a whole lot of nothing—or at least nothing enormously helpful for assisting skin feel and look its best.

How to use:
Apply day and night around the eye area, using the metal applicator in a smooth, outward circular motion. Pay special attention to dark circles and under-eye bags.

Wrap-up Text:
Over-all, it has very mixed customer testimonials. Most customers stated the product results were average but experienced that the eye area remained moisturized while some observed no improvement at all. Results like this should be expected when you purchase skincare from a drug-store or grocery store. It doesn’t mean they won’t work, but don’t expect miracles.

However, if you are planning to spend under $25 for an eye cream, this would be an excellent item for you.

More on it:
LOreal is actually a very good option when it comes to choosing drug-store products. This eye cream may be a bit on the high end of the drug-store cost range, but the product is worth the money. The Youth Code line is a high-performance anti aging line that feels pretty luxurious on the skin. This eye cream is available in a compact little tube, and allows you to apply the perfect amount under and around the eyes. It is designed like a lip gloss tube and is small enough to maintain in your hand bag for quick eye perk-ups. The tip cools and reduces while it deflates bags and fights noticeable signs of aging.

Have you tried any products from the L’Oreal Youth Code line yet? I’d love to read about your experiences!

Happy Reading! 🙂

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Revitol Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Despite the common concept about under eye dark circles, it requires to be understood that there is a scientific reason behind it. Stress is not the sole cause of dark circles, but thinning of under eye skin which is greatly responsible for it. The under eye skin is delicate, and also with age it becomes more delicate and transparent. The blood capillaries there become visible, more prominent and provide the look of dark circles. The real trouble occurs when these kinds of dark circles becoming long lasting. This will make it essential to curb and remove dark circles. An additional myth regarding dark circles is that surgical dark circle treatment can set all of them right. On the other hand it is not only harmful, but also off little use to resolve it. Technically these kinds of solutions is unavailable that frequently. This makes Revitol Eye Cream a cost effective way to get rid of not only under eye dark circle, but wrinkles and puffiness in this area.

Revitol Eye Cream was created by one of America’s premier anti-aging skin care companies. They have succeeded at creating a powerful eye cream that effectively combats not one but 3 of the most aggravating beauty problems that are – under eye dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Main Ingredients

  • Bisabolol
  • Niacinamide
  • Fraxinus excelsior bark extract
  • Capric Triglyceride
  • N-Hydroxysuccinimide
  • Chrysin

Know more about it!
Revitol Eye Cream is a clinically advanced formula which contains a special blend of herbs and natural active ingredients which have been clinically known to get rid of the signs of aging. The non-greasy cream is quickly applied, absorbing immediately to leave the skin feeling soft and supple. Emollients assist to improve moisture ranges and enhance the appearance of dark circles.

Revitol Eye Cream

The cream also includes flavonoids, that assist to minimize the look of pigmentation cause of dark circles. Skin hydration is boosted by the addition of Vitamin B complex, that helps to maintain skin nourished and healthy. It also contains an extract of Chamomile, famed for its calming anti-inflammatory properties, which assists to minimize under-eye bags and puffiness. The joined impact is an effective, intensive cream that takes an all-round approach to combating the signs of aging.

When used regularly, Revitol Cream has been proven to effectively tackle all signs of aging around the eyes, leaving the skin looking healthier, tighter and more younger. Its shown compound of components guarantees age-defying skin without resorting to surgery or injections.

Product Highlights

  • Helps reduce dark under-eye circles
  • Helps reduce under-eye puffiness
  • Helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in noticeably younger looking eyes

How Does It Work?
Revitol eye cream is an effective and efficient cream that lets you do things such as they are meant to be done. It assists you get rid of puffy eyes and dark spots around your eyes. It does that by simply improving your bodily hormones and making them more efficient. When they are more effective, they clean up mess quicker and they also reduce dark spots from showing and your eyes from becoming puffy.

Final thoughts:
Revitol Eye Cream is an excellent option for all those searching for an effective eye cream which will take care of its promises, without costing a fortune. I have also seen some negative reviews by customers though.
The best-selling cream has won excellent testimonials across the country, with 1000s of people that have observed a visible improvement in the appearance of their eyes. Looking more youthful can improve our self-esteem and also uplift our full appearance. So it is very well worth using a high quality eye cream that you know you can trust – and you’re never too young to begin! Even if this cream has been proven to enhance the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles, it can also be an excellent preventive tool to hold back further signs of aging from appearing in future.

Thank you for stopping by.

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L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Eye Cream: Facts To Know

L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Eye Cream, is made to give you 24-hour repair for the sensitive area under the eyes. This unique daily moisturizer delivers anti-wrinkle and firming action, created specially to care for the delicate area around the eyes. It helps to reduce wrinkles, firms skin, and reduces the morning puffy look.

L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift Eye Cream

Aqua/Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter/Shea Butter, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-20 Stearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Paraffin, Glycine Soja Protein/Soybean Protein, Triethanolamine, Caffeine, Isohexadecane, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil/Sunflower Seed Oil, Phenethyl Alcohol, Hydrolyzed Elastin/Hydrolyzed Elastin, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Acetyl Trifluoromethylphenyl Valylglycine, Polysorbate 80.

Product claims:
L’Oreal RevitaLift Eye was created specially to care for the delicate area around the eyes. With encapsulated Pro-Retinol A that ensures all-day delivery into the skins surface. It helps fight the appearance of fine lines and under eye wrinkles all day. With Par-Elastyl, it increases skins firmness.

The Good:

  • The products are available online and in traditional offline shops
  • Contains pro-retinol and fibre-elastyl to nourish skin
  • Luxurious light texture, easily absorbed without any sticky residue
  • No greasy after-feel

The bad:

  • There are many testimonials online that state negatively of these products.
  • These products do not utilize some of the more popular and clinically tested components we know work to enhance the appearance and condition of skin.
  • There are an overwhelming variety of products in this line which makes it difficult to understand what to select and what will give good result.

How to use
Apply the cream in small dots around your eyes with finger and smooth gently until thoroughly absorbed. Suitable to use every morning.

Bottom Line:
A little more spendy than others, but well worth the money. Dramatically improves the skin around the eyes.

Few Facts you should know:
While L’Oreal is a popular and respected company and leading producer of make-up and beauty products, we can observe that they are just trying to jump on the badwagon with products aimed toward the average women that really don’t work well. Since they are affordable and widely available they do just enough to get by, and make it very apparent that you get what you pay for. While they are modeled after professional creams and treatment options, they just don’t have the
components and quality you will discover in those products. We recommend spending your money on a product which contains tested components and will give good results in lower time.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Eyeliss Reviews – Does It really Work?

What Is Eyeliss?
Eyeliss is a component which is present in the most effective eye creams now available on the market. A Company called Sederma originally developed it in France. After only one clinical trial of only twenty individuals, Sederma experts were so convinced that Eyeliss was the response to those under eye bags which they had the component patented.

Well continue reading below if you’re wondering how Eyeliss can help you…

Eyeliss is not a new component but in reality it has been around for many years being a component in several eye care items used by celebs. However, until recently this component was so costly that only people who had lots of money to burn could afford the items including this component.

Now, with the cost for this component being more affordable many of the better anti-aging eye care items have included eyeliss as one of the components in their products.

Does It Work?
Eyeliss contains three all-natural and effective peptides that works well together to get rid of all the causes of those under eye bags. These types of 3 peptides include:

Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone– This is an all natural component which is present in a number of different citrus fruits like oranges or even grapefruits. This peptide improves the small capillaries under the eyes which minimizes leakage. It also decreases some of the puffiness and that bluish purple color which can make you look so ill.

Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophne– This is an all-natural component that really promotes the drainage of fluid that collects under the eyes. This peptide also works to reduce some of the swelling due to the build up of fluids.

Lipopeptide Pal-GQPR– This peptide reduces swelling, helps to enhance skin elasticity, enhances the firmness of the epidermis under and around the eyes and also assists in reducing under eye wrinkles.


  • Eyeliss is affordable
  • Eyeliss is patented
  • The substance is used in most skin creams
  • Eyeliss has proven successful in clinical tests
  • Before and after photos are available
  • There is a lot of information about the substance online


  • It may not be suitable for all skin types
  • It is not found in all skin-care products
  • It is not always used at its perfect level

Overall, the reviews for Eyeliss are pretty good. The most negative reviews were from women who used a creamy eye products as opposed to a gel and found that the greasy base sometimes made the eyes puff up even more. So, it’s best to choose gels and serums that hydrate instead.

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Elite Serum Eye Cream – Are You Aware Of The Facts?

What is Elite serum eye cream?
Elite Serum Eye Cream is a wonderful eye product cream made in the United States which is a 1 stop solution for all the 3 issues. This product is a mix of exclusive DNA precursor pool peptides. This cream when used on a regular basis before sleep and every morning will yield the results you have always wanted. The skin with elite serum hydration quotient gets tighter and making those swelling and Dark circles vanish.

I did the research, and this is exactly what I found out.

Points which makes Elite Serum Eye Cream the Best Eye Aging Treatment
The success behind Elite Serum anti-aging treatment is its exclusive multi-peptide ingredients in human skin.

1. Argireline for lines and wrinkles is chemically known as Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 allows Botox-like effect without the injections. It includes an immediate result on facial muscle tissues and, this eye cream causes the facial muscles to contract intensely. A reaction takes place so that the normal muscles are contracted by flattening the finelines and wrinkles.

2. SYN-Coll stimulates the collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts. Skin aging and in particular, chronic UV exposure, leads to degenerative changes in skin.

3. Haloxyl for puffiness– this component reduces dark circles and swelling or inflammation underneath the eyes. Haloxyl allows filtering away of surplus fluid which is stored under the eyes. Moreover, it removes harmful toxins, which causes the breakage of capillaries.

4. SNAP-8 – for wrinkles – octapeptide is an extension of the hexapeptide Argireline is yet another anti wrinkling agent that works tough on those stubborn wrinkles and finelines.

5. Matrixyl 3000 collagen production–contains 2 matrikines i.e. Pal-GQPR and Pal-GHK, which take part keenly in fixing and sustaining skin’s younger look. Main function of this ingredient is collagen production, which reduces your age, and it is important to produce skin-cells.

6. Hyaluronic Acid for hydration – this acid is essential in preserving water substances in human skin.

7. Red & Green Seaweed Extract for moisturizers – moisturizes and preserves the skin’s natural collagen and prevents negative effects.

8. Eyeliss – it is the combination of 3 active peptide molecules, which are made to cut puffiness under the eyes by over 70% upon use. This ingredient improves and reduces the chances of breakage of the capillaries under the eyes.

What Does Elite Serum Do?Elite Eye Serum

  • Brings about a more youthful appearance
  • Restore skin elasticity around the eyes
  • Improve the firmness and firmness of skin around the eyes
  • Reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles
  • Reduce puffiness under the eyes
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes

The Pros and Cons of Elite Serum
Pros of Elite Serum:

  • It’s easy to use
  • There are no reported side effects
  • It has been widely researched and tested
  • It is available at various online and off line retailers
  • It consists of natural active ingredients as well as other powerful collagens and peptides necessary for skin health and cell regrowth
  • It has a guarantee in the form of a replacement product suggested by one of their skincare experts

Cons of Elite Serum:

  • There is no full, comprehensive list of ingredients
  • No free trial.
  • Does not offer money back guarantee.
  • It is rather expensive at around $100 per.05 ounce airless syringe

Wrap-up Text:
Dark circles under the eyes, puffiness and bags, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes, Elite Serum was designed to address these specific issues. Based on users, only a small amount of the product is required and it is applied just one a day.

For many people, Elite Serum is a good anti-aging eye cream there is. Lots of people noticed awesome results on the skin around their eyes with regular usage of the product. It is also an excellent substitute for Botox and provides an all natural appearance and feel.

However, while many users observed a noticeable difference in their look, there were a few who did not observe any improvement at all. It is possible that the product does not work for them. And, the most important point is that it is very costly as compared to some other brands out on the market promises the same.

* It might interest you to know that China has stopped the importation and registration of Elite Serum. The spokesperson for the company, Richard Banks, stated that after looking into the matter, it is SkinPro’s belief that the Chinese consider Elite Serum a drug, due to the strength of its components.
So, it may really be what it really bills itself to be: a needle free alternative to Botox and collagen injections!

Go test Elite Serum on yourself to notice the results personally!

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An Honest Review On Airbrush Eye Cream

Product Description:
Recommended by Oprah Winfrey to millons of ladies and rated 5 Stars on Oprah’s IVillage, this super light eye cream reduces swelling very fast, smoothes as well as minimizes fine lines and crows feet, and firms and rehydrates dry skin around the eye. Airbrush is made from emu oil, collagen, ceramides and elastin to firm and rehydrate dry skin around the eyes, vitamin E to prevent dehydration and free-radical damage, green tea extract extract to reduce eye puffiness, aloe for smoothing the delicate skin around the eye, and panthenol for refining the delicate eye skin tissue.

For some people smoothing Airbrush around eye lines and wrinkles will provide them instant eye-beauty results, while others will discover almost magical eyes in a week. And it’ll do this without irritating sensitive skin! Airbrush Eye Cream

Green Tea extract, Ceramides, Tocopheryl acetate, Water, Propylparaben, Glycerin, Cyclomethicone, Coco-carprylate/Casprate, Polycrylamide, Elastin and Aloe Vera, Methylparaben, Laureth-7, Panthenol, Propylene-Glycol, Diazolidinyl urea, Green Tea extract, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Emu oil, Collagen, Collagen, Elatin, Ceramides, Borage oil, Ylang Ylang.

Directions For Use:
Gently providers and rehydrates dry skin around the eyes. Carefully apply Airbrush under the eye area to help reduce puffiness and improve delicate tissue to prevent free-radical damage.

Airbrush Eye Cream – Advantages

  • Minimizes under eye puffiness in less than 7 mins.
  • Emu oil and Vitamin E protect and hydrate the skin from free radical damage.
  • Contains Elastin and Collagen, which enhance the appearance of skin.
  • The manufacturer provides a complete satisfaction guarantee.
  • It has got good testimonials on third party websites.
  • Oprah Winfrey recommends Airbrush Eye Cream.

Airbrush Eye Cream – Disadvantages

  • There are no contact details on the official website.
  • Although the manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee, there are no further information shown on the website.
  • There are no free samples available.

Wrap-up Text
On most sites that have this product for sale, it has received testimonials ranging from 2.6 to 5 out of 5. The moisturizing effect has been reported by most of the people who have used it, but there are some women which have had some kinds of allergic reactions to it.

Generally, this is caused as redness, itching and burning sensations. If you fear you might develop this reaction too, all you need to do is use it on your arm or even other part with less sensitive skin and watch for any redness of discomfort.

Apart from these possible side-effects, the cream seems to be very efficient in preventing the development of new wrinkles and minimizing the existing fine lines. However, for a noticeable result, in case you have crow’s feet, you need to use this formula on the long-term.

Good reviews also comes from the customer services and the money back guarantee the product comes with.

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